Apple Confirms Names of all 2018 Release iPhones

A leak on Apple’s website has recently confirmed the names of all iPhones with 2018 release dates (all that we know of, at least). While already revealed that the name of the iPhone X successor is to be iPhone Xs, now we have the names of all three 2018 releases. The website found the names in a sitemap file, supposedly hidden from the public. It seems now that there’s only one thing we don’t know – whether the “s” character in the names of the devices will be uppercase or lowercase. As it stands now, the names of the 2018 iPhones are:


  • iPhone Xs/iPhone XS
  • iPhone Xs Max/iPhone XS 
  • iPhone Xr/XR
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The names were found in ‘confidential’ links to cases.


Ahead of the unveiling of the 2018 iPhone devices, Apple has updated its product sitemap file which clearly states the name of the upcoming devices — iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

The Apple product sitemap has links to otterbox cases for iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. There are links to some silicone and leather cases as well in Black, White, Midnight Blue, Productured, Stone, Taupe, Saddle Brown and many more color options.


The name of the Xr/XR was found at a different place in the file, which also revealed the colors available


That particular version of the sitemap has since been taken offline, partially prompting a mysterious ‘store update’ on the Buy Now section of Apple’s website. was able to procure a screengrab of the file which displayed the names

but the file that they subsequently downloaded was different than the information the screengrab showed, meaning Apple likely replaced the file between the time of screengrab and download. This in mind, nothing except the names, display sizes, and storage sizes are confirmed, the storage sizes for the Xs/XS being slightly unusual at 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB. This is the first time Apple has even offered anything close to a half-terabyte of storage on an iPhone, and the first time any phone company at all has offered that much built-in storage on any phone at all.


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