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Notable AirPods Deals on Black Friday 2018

AirPods are an item that are on some people’s holiday and Christmas wish lists all across the country. They are Apple’s wireless EarPods and cost $160 at full price.

With that said, some of you are probably looking to score some form of deal on AirPods on Black Friday this year, and who can blame you? So, what businesses are having the deals this year?

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Right now, NewEgg is one of the few businesses having deals on the AirPods on Black Friday. The company will be having a deal on AirPods, which will knock their price down to $139.99 for a single pair. This can be purchased through their website or app on Black Friday and can be price-matched at Best Buy in their stores on that day. Both NewEgg and Best Buy accept Apple Pay too.

Sam’s Club did have a deal earlier this month on AirPods that did knock them down to $117. Now, they are currently priced at $147, which is the regular price for Sam’s Club to price it at. Still, that is a $13 discount and is better than what stores like Best Buy, Target and Walmart are offering on Black Friday.

The only other way to get a discount on the AirPods would be if you knew someone well who worked for an Apple Store. I personally have the connection, but Apple Store employees get 15 percent off AirPods and that would bring the price down to $136 before shipping and taxes.

Those are currently the only stores and companies that are offering deals on AirPods on Black Friday this year. This does not include Cyber Monday, which we will make an article for when the time comes.

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