How to Stream These Popular Christmas Specials

Appleosophy|How to Stream These Popular Christmas Specials

The time of the year has come where we are streaming Christmas movies and TV specials left and right. What can we say? We are human beings and we naturally fly over to this kind of stuff during this time of the year. 

Note that I will not be listing every single Christmas special and movie out there because that would obviously take too much time, but I will be listing some of my favorites and the most popular ones out there.

Christmas Specials

  • A Charlie Brown Christmas: The first one gets off to a bad start but since there are probably a lot of people out there wondering about this, I will tell you that services like Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video and any other on-demand streaming services do not have this special. The good news is that you can purchase it from iTunes for $9.99, which in a way, is streaming it but that you will have to purchase it in order to do so. 
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas (1966): Again, this is another classic that cannot be streamed on most modern day streaming services. However, unlike Charlie Brown, you do not have to buy this one. Instead, you can rent it from iTunes for a cheap $3.99. For those looking to purchase it, it is available on iTunes for $9.99. 
  • The Santa Claus Series: The Tim Allen-led Christmas movie series can be streamed in some ways:
    • The Santa Claus: In order to stream the first film, you must download the Freeform app. From there, you will have to sign in with your TV provider and then you will get access to the app’s on-demand content. Once that is taken care of, you will be able to stream the movie. 
    • The Santa Claus 2: There is no way at the moment to stream this unless you set your DVR, whether it be through your cable/satellite or your live TV streaming service provider. Other than that, you can rent the movie from iTunes for $2.99 or buy it for $9.99. 
    • The Santa Claus 3: The Escape Claus: Again, this one can be streamed through the Freeform app, but best of all. you can watch it for completely free and will not need a TV provider login to do so. 
  • The Polar Express: This one can be streamed in the AMC app with a TV provider login. It can be rented on iTunes for $3.99 and purchased for $9.99. 
  • Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer: Since this one is so old and such a classic, the rights to it are still pretty expensive. With that said, it can still be purchased on iTunes for $9.99, but no rent options are available at the moment. 
  • Doctor Who Christmas Specials: These can all be streamed on Amazon Prime Video and all are available for purchase on iTunes. 
  • National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation: Once again, this one can be streamed from the AMC app with a TV provider login. If you do have a live TV streaming service or have the app to your cable or satellite company, view the on-demand options based on channels and you should be able to find it (for plans that have AMC). 
  • The Big Bang Theory Christmas Specials: Since this show is still one of the top, if not the top, sitcom TV show on right now, I feel obligated to post it on here. As of this writing, the channel does not have any yet, but anytime that TBS airs the reruns of their show’s Christmas episodes, it is made available the day after through their app and on-demand services. In order to use this, you must sign-in with your TV provider login in the TBS app. For on-demand services through your TV provider, simply go to the TBS channel and the on-demand episodes should be available to view. iTunes does also have all of the Christmas episodes of the series for $14.99. 
    • In addition, the show does have a physical DVD that has all of the Christmas episodes on it ($9.21 on Amazon) that was released in 2013.

But what about all of those Hallmark Channel Christmas movies that they air this time of the year? Well, they have been airing since late-October and we already have an article about how to stream them. Additionally, we also have an article that tells you how to stream the Hallmark Channel network in general. 

Be sure to also be checking the TV Guide app to see what is being offered for Christmas movies and specials on the broadcast networks, such as ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS and The CW. 

Hopefully you all have been enjoying the holidays so far and that the happy and cheerful attitude from these Christmas movie and TV specials will keep you going throughout this holiday season. 

Feature image via ZDNet and CBS Interactive

Appleosophy|How to Stream These Popular Christmas Specials
Author: David Becker

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Appleosophy|How to Stream These Popular Christmas Specials
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