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Apple: 2018 iPad Pro “meets or exceeds” quality standards in design and precision

Earlier this week, Apple told the technology website The Verge that the 2018 iPad Pro ship bent, a side effect of the manufacturing process that is not expected to worsen over time, and it will not adversely affect the performance of the iPad. However, Many users who have purchased the new iPad Pro are concerned about this, so in an email sent to Apple CEO Tim Cook, a MacRumors reader expressed his concern.

Although Cook did not respond, the user did receive a response from Apple’s vice president of hardware engineering, Dan Riccio. Riccio said that the iPad Pro was designed to “meets or exceeds” all of Apple’s high-quality standards in design and precision manufacturing. He said: “we’ve carefully engineered it and every part of the manufacturing process is precisely measured and controlled.

Relative to the issue you referenced regarding the new iPad Pro, its unibody design meets or exceeds all of Apple’s high quality standards of design and precision manufacturing. We’ve carefully engineered it and every part of the manufacturing process is precisely measured and controlled.

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The Apple executive stated that the flatness of the Apple iPad Pro is as thick as 400 microns (up to a maximum of four sheets of paper), which is more stringent than the previous generation. Riccio reiterates that this flatness will not change during normal use and won’t affect the function of the device in any way.

Image Via 9to5Mac

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