Deliveries is one of the few package delivery apps on the Mac. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that it is the only package delivery app in the Mac App Store that costs money. Why would that be? Here is what makes that app great and why it has a premium fee to it.

When opening the app, the first thing that I liked is the fact is that it works and syncs with iCloud, making it so that the user does have to make an account, create a password that you’re going to have to memorize and then hope that it all works, and that it syncs with other packages you currently have out and are waiting for delivery. 

I have the iOS version of the app and was pleasantly surprised when it synced all of the deliveries and packages that I already had out without me having to do much. It really shows what it means to pay for your apps and see where that money goes. 

And speaking of seeing where your money goes, the app has a fantastic UI and design. It is easy to navigate and understand what is what. What makes it unique though is that it is an unspoken easy. Honestly, it’s one of those things where it just works! You don’t have to question how things work, everything is implied. 

I also love the map and seeing exactly where my item is at, not just by text that you typically see in USPS or UPS apps, but that there is an actual map in both the macOS and iOS version that shows me exactly there my item is at. 

Lastly, the notifications for when my packages are delivered is a nice touch. Whether I’m at work or at a Starbucks and connected to WiFi, it is good to know that my packages are delivered. 

Overall, for me, this app gets 4/4 stars. It’s not for everyone, especially with that premium fee being on there. However, if you are someone who makes a lot of Amazon purchase or does a lot of online shopping in general, make the extra purchase, pay the premium price and get Deliveries. Deliveries currently costs $4.99 in the Mac App Store. 

Rating: 4/4 stars