Apple Adds New ‘Today at Apple’ Sessions

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Appleosophy | Apple Adds New 'Today at Apple' Sessions
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The people at Apple have announced that there will be 50 new Today at Apple sessions. Today at Apple session are held at the Apple Store and it is a place where people can learn how to do things such as edit photos, make and edit music, coding, along with many other activities.

Today at Apple has been available at the Apple Store since 2017 and is free to anyone who comes into the Apple Store. 

“Since the beginning, Today at Apple has been about educating and inspiring the communities we serve. These new sessions are an opportunity to unlock the creative potential in all of our customers,” said Angela Ahrendts, Apple’s senior vice president of Retail. “There is a session for everyone at Today at Apple and we can’t wait to see what you will create.”

Today at Apple has three different versions, which are Skills, Walks and Labs. They are the following according to the Apple Newsroom

  • Skills are meant for those interested in learning new creative techniques to go further with our products, such as making a quick video with the Clips app or editing photos on iPhone. New Skills sessions include Notes and Chords with GarageBand, Sketching Ideas in Notes, Photo Editing Techniques and more.
  • Walks invite customers to venture outside of the store with a Creative Pro, where they will explore their surroundings, connect with their community and put new skills to use across passions like photography, music or health. New Walks include Capturing Cinematic Shots, Creating Soundscapes with GarageBand and a Health and Fitness Walk, Staying Motivated co-created with fitness expert Jeanette Jenkins.
  • Labs help customers experiment with creative techniques and complete the session with the beginning of a project. Many Labs have been co-created with world-renowned artists and makers. Building on the success of Labs with Florence Welch and photographer Chase Jarvis, skilled customers can find inspiration in new Labs like Beat Making with Swizz Beatz, Small Screen Magic with Zach King and Drawing Treehouses with Foster + Partners.

As for what the new sessions will be for Today at Apple are these: 

  • Skills: Sketching ideas with notes, storytelling with Clips, photo editing techniques, getting started with Swift Playgrounds, drum patterns with GarageBand and getting started with the Health app. 
  • Walks: Discovering color, manipulating time, taking portraits on location, creating soundscapes with GarageBand and staying motivated (in terms of your health) with Jeanette Jenkins. 
  • Labs: Drawing treehouses co-created with Foster + Partners, small screen magic co-created with Zach King, fun family portraits, developing an app concept, beat making co-created with Swizz Beats. 

All of these new sessions will be added to Today at Apple as of today and you should see them available in Apple Stores across the country in the coming weeks. To find out what your Apple Store is doing for Today at Apple that day, click the link here or open the Apple Store app. From there, you will be able to see and register for those sessions. 

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