Apple Entrepreneurs Camp, a two week program for professionals in app development, kicks off today

Today Apple has started their 11 all-female app development companies to start the day off with an inaugural session of the camp. This program is made to provide women developers with the tools needed to benefit today’s app development. Developers all earned $120 billion dollars since the App Store hits the public in 2008.
This developer program consists of guidance and support from Apple engineers and Apple Developer Relations representatives, and sessions of app designing, technology, and marketing. Each eligible company receives free tickets to WWDC 19 for two, and a year of Apple developer program membership for free. Developers get to learn the valiant Apple technologies in depth, including very significant concepts such as the A12 Bionic, Core ML, new immersions to ARKit and other developer fundamentals.
This program will help entrepreneurs and female developers open a new world of possibilities. Esther Hare, senior director of Apple and executive of [email protected], wrote that,
“In the past, starting a small business often meant having to invest in overhead, inventory or retail space. Today, a world of opportunity opens up with some coding skills and an entrepreneurial spirit.”
This is significant because she is telling a story of how starting a small business as an entrepreneur can overcome the hardships by adding some coding skills for a higher opportunity. It’s true that if you want to be an engineer or programmer at Apple, you need a lot of knowledge in Swift and Xcode.
In continuation, Hare also states that “The App Store is the new digital Main Street, and creative developers are tapping into the vast potential of the global app economy. We hope that this program helps to inspire women around the world to learn to code, join the iOS development community and share in the thriving app economy.”
She meant that there’s an abundance of developers that are always creating and developing new apps, day after day. She wants lots of women in the world to learn how to code, and join the community of iOS development.
Kateland Vu
Author: Kateland Vu

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