February is Heart Month for the Apple Watch wearers.

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Appleosophy | February is Heart Month for the Apple Watch wearers.
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For the second year in a row, Apple is deciding to do the first 2019 activity challenge for Apple Watch wearers in February. It’s named Heart Month, the same like the one last year. But there’s different rewards and some minor changes this year, so let’s get the information from Apple Newsroom.

Different iMessage sticker prizes for activity challenge

February is Heart Month for the Apple Watch wearers.

First on the list came for the iMessage stickers. This year the stickers are running activity rings with hearts, the 2019 activity challenge badge, and the inverting hearts, in all activity rings colors. These stickers will all be animated like last year, and will be deployed to users who accomplish the activity challenge. This challenge will be the same as last year, which is closing your exercise ring for 8 consecutive days, February 8th to Valentine’s Day.

Honoring the people who take heart health seriously

Apple’s health director, Dr. Sumbul Desai MD, says that,

“Cardiovascular disease takes many forms and some are fully preventable through lifestyle changes like increased physical activity and better nutrition. It’s always great to see patients make those positive changes, especially with the help of Apple Watch.”

Some people have told Apple that they used the Apple Watch to keep themselves up with their health. It’s significant because early detection to cardiovascular disorders can make it easier for doctors to diagnose your health problems and conditions. Many people always use apps to help improve healthy habits with Apple Watch.


Special Today at Apple sessions only in February

Only specific locations of Apple Store in San Francisco, Chicago, and New York will have these Today at Apple classes for Heart Month. Fitness trainer Jeanette Jenkins, Apple health director Dr. Desai, American Heart Association CEO Nancy Brown, and other fitness trainers and Apple health engineers will facilitate these classes. Attendees will learn about taking good care of their heart health and take a little walk outside of the Apple Store with their Apple Watch.


At last, it’s important to maintain yourself in good health and shape, and with your Apple Watch, it’ll help you guide through it from a sedentary you to an active you. This month will be a good opportunity to start losing some weight and work out every day!


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