Taco Bell will now be able to deliver food to your house thanks to a new partnership with GrubHub.

This means that if it’s late at night and you desperately need some Taco Bell in you, along with some Mountain Dew Baja Blast, you will be able to do so now directly from GrubHub. 

According to Travel Leisure, Taco Bell will be delivering at 65 percent of their restaurant locations, with expansions coming in the near future. 

Their article also states, “…The partnership between Grubhub and Taco Bell includes integration between the restaurants’ point-of-sale systems and the app, so items are picked up as soon as they’re ready, according to an announcement from Taco Bell.” 

Julie Felss Masino, president of Taco Bell, said in a quote:

“We are thrilled because our expanded Grubhub delivery access for our Taco Bell customers will help satisfy their cravings with the delicious Taco Bell they already know and love, whenever, wherever and however they want it.” 

Users will be able to get the GrubHub delivery option when ordering through Taco Bell’s website or GrubHub’s app or website.  

Any orders that are $12 or more will have the option for a free delivery from GrubHub as a limited time deal. When paying for your order, the GrubHub website and app make Apple Pay a payment option too.