You bought a new, pristine Series 4. Your Apple Watch came with only one band of it’s own. But, you have a nice dinner tomorrow and you need to find a way to dress up your Apple Watch to match your outfit. You don’t want to pay $45-$249 at the Apple Store for an Apple Watch band, so you look all over the internet for affordable third party Watch bands. Only thing you’re concerned about is the quality, but no worries, I’ll recommend you great Apple Watch bands for my Appleosophy readers!

1. Best classic buckle band: PEAK ZHANG Leather band for Apple Watch 40/44mm

In my opinion, this band replicated the first classic buckle band Apple made for the first generation Apple Watch. It’s very comfortable, and has a very vast variety of colors for the leather and buckle. I currently own the space gray colored buckle and black leather band, and the olive green leather band. It’s very comfortable and the smooth leather is very easy to clean with a damp cloth. This band retails for $9.99 to $15.99 on Amazon.

2. Milanese loop by AdMaster

Theres a Milanese loop case bundle by AdMaster for only $15. It comes with a choice of 8 colors for the Milanese loop in gold, rose gold, space black, rainbow, lavender, yellow gold, silver and space gray. Most colors come with a matching chrome color case, but some styles such as the rainbow Milanese loop only has a clear case. I like the cases because they have a built in screen protector to protect your $249-$800 Apple Watch. You can buy it here.

3. V-Moro double tour Apple Watch band


This Hermès inspired Apple Watch band  looks exactly like the real Hermès double tour for a mere cost. Its classy leather design matches with your ensembles for everyday use, and there’s plentiful of holes to fit small wrists to large wrists. I like that the color matches exactly like the genuine Hermès bands, and the band is very comfortable. Only downside is that the Apple Watch automatically locks itself out when the leather band next to it goes underneath the heart rate sensor. Go to their Amazon page for the band.

In essence, all of these bands for Apple Watch have 4-5 star ratings, from its best quality to the reliability. These bands are great for everyday use and for special occasions, without paying a big price with Apple bands. Third-party Apple Watch bands open up more possibilities for customization and personalizing your Apple Watch. On the contrary, third-party bands save lots of money for the typical Apple user, including the Apple Watch wearers that love to collect bands.