Evidence from MacRumors stated that,

“Apple would be announcing the Apple TV subscription service in March 25th, but the launch will be delayed for some additional months. Many sources had spoken to Variety about this, which the answers turned to the launch dates in the summer or later in this fall.”

For this, it is can defined Apple is going to push more hardware releases in this spring’s event. The probability is in its own definite high that the AirPower, AirPods 2, and the two new iPads will be announced and released.

MacRumors also said that

“The March 25 event will be focused on services, and Apple is not expected to debut new hardware even though there are multiple rumors of products getting a spring refresh.”

This is especially true that only the introduction of new services will roll out. Recalling from the last paragraph, we wrote that Apple is just doing most of the upgrades on hardware. The only hardware products Apple will introduce is the AirPower, which many of our Appleosophy readers kept longing for it for so long! But, we’re on the cloud nine for the new AirPower, because the AirPower is so large that it can charge an Apple Watch, an iPhone, and the new AirPods [wireless charging case] simultaneously! But nobody has spilled the beans on the AirPower for a few months though, so the probability is unlikely that it’ll release.

Overall, what do you think about this? Should Apple release all of our rumors next month, or let the subscription out of the bag? We honestly would like to have Apple release more Apple products other than the iPad!