Best Buy is having a great sale on Apple products this weekend, as part of their 2019 President’s Day Sale. Like Donald Trump or not, these are some great deals. It’s almost as if he is teaching Best Buy how to make good deals for their customers?

Joking aside, these are some of the best deals we have seen so far on Apple products in 2019 and could be something to look into spending your tax refund on this year.

Here are the following deals:

All of these deals can be found on Best Buy’s website or in their stores. Make sure that when you do make a purchase during this sale, that you remember to use your My Best Buy rewards card, as that can get you some major points. Also, Best Buy does accept Apple Pay in their stores, website and iOS app.

The sale does end at 11:59 PM (online) of your local time on February 18, 2019, and will end in their stores when they close on that day too.