Powerbeats Pro can now be ordered in UK, France and Germany


Powerbeats Pro, the latest earphone launched by Beats is now available for people to order in UK, France and Germany.

The Powerbeats Pro may cost $100 more than the AirPods, but they offer far better isolation, sound quality, and comfort than the aforementioned earbuds. iPhone owners should absolutely jump at these if they want an audio product that not only offers the benefits of the H1 chip, but also the freedom afforded by some of the best true wireless earphones on the market.

Powerbeats Pro cost £219.95 in the UK and 249.95 euros in France and Germany.

If you’re facing trouble to purchase the earphones from Apple’s website you may try the iOS Store App or Beat’s official website.

Powerbeats Pro have been on sale in Canada and the U.S. since early May. In June they will be available in Australia, Singapore, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Austria, Italy, Spain, Ireland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Russia, Switzerland, Sweden, Mexico, and Brazil in June.