Water Lock on Apple Watch Explained

You have recently upgraded to a new Apple Watch Series 3 after a few years of wearing your 42mm Stainless Steel Series 0. The new Apple Watch Series 3 has up to 50 meters worth of water resistance, and you’re excited to swim with your new Apple Watch. But you come up with burning questions about the Water Lock feature on your Apple Watch. This article has all of the answers you need!

What is Water Lock?

Water Lock is a feature on the Apple Watch Series 2 and later, which disables the touchscreen and prevents water from penetrating deeply into the Apple Watch. Every time you take your Apple Watch to the shower or to take a dive, you turn it on. If you start a swimming workout, your Apple Watch will automatically turn on this feature. You can manually turn Water Lock on your Apple Watch by swiping up on the Control Center and tapping on the button with the waterdrop. Once you’re done, turn the Digital Crown, and your Apple Watch will eject water!

How does the Water Lock feature work?

When the Water Lock feature is activated on your Apple Watch, the touchscreen becomes temporarily unresponsive. Your Apple Watch’s speaker tightens up when it’s activated, and then emits a loud sound to expel the water out. This happens when you turn the Digital Crown in Water Lock mode. The touchscreen is now responsive after the water is expelled.


You won’t need to worry about water damaging your new Apple Watch, because the Water Lock feature will keep the insides of your Apple Watch safe and sound. This feature is great for swimming with your Apple Watch, but it’s also useful when you take it to the water park or to the shower. The newest Apple Watch is water resistant up to fifty meters underwater, but the older Apple Watch doesn’t have the same water resistance.

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