Apple Plans to Release 16 and 16.5 Inch MacBook Pros this September

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has evidence that the new MacBook Pro 13″, will have up to 32 GB worth of RAM. There are two new MacBook Pro models in two distinct sizes of 16″ to 16.5″. This is significant because Apple hasn’t reached a bump in the size of the MacBook Pro for a few years. The last time Apple had an enormous MacBook Pro is a really long time ago, but was discontinued in 2012. The biggest MacBook Pro measures itself to 17″!!

Although, the 2019 MacBook Pro will be almost the length as our previous 17″ MacBook Pro. The largest one will be 16.5″, a little shorter yet still a lengthy MacBook. Right now, the longest MacBook Pro in 2018 is a 15″ laptop, with 2,880 by 1,800 pixels on its display.

The information about its specifications hasn’t been released yet, but Kuo added in his evidence that the 10-nanometer chips will come from Intel and will have more efficient RAM in these new MacBooks. The 13″ MacBook will most likely get an upgrade on its RAM, which will probably come to the choice of the user. Higher performance LPDDR RAM (for a custom build) or to the non-battery efficient DDR4 RAM (for the base models).

Kateland Vu
Author: Kateland Vu

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