Apple’s iPhone XS and iPhone XR Offer In China Gets Extended


In China, Apple is extending the iPhone XR and XS deals for another month, ending on March 25th. In the fine print of the information revealed in the Chinese Apple website, there’s some text replacement for the due date which is supposedly the 28th of February. The offer consists of $100 worth of extra credit towards trading in your iPhone for a new iPhone.

The reason why Apple extended this offer is to improve the dropping iPhone sales, which fell 26.7% in the holiday quarter. This only includes China, but Apple has done a similar offer like this in the US in December 2018. But to compensate for poor sales. Apple has been consistent in their marketing, telling existing users on older hardware, to upgrade to the latest iPhone and that their old phone could be potentially worth $100 more when traded in.

But there’s one more thing that gives us a clue: The end date. It stirs up a clue about the remission of iPhone sales – which can mean Apple is back to a good start. It also means that it’s the time for Apple to release new products to maximize sales and profits. Our Appleosophy readers want Apple to alter the guidance set by Tim Cook back in January.

In conclusion, adding offers and promotions helps Apple put their revenue back to normal. iPhone revenue has been very weak in China due to lacking iPhone sales and upgrades. Doing more iPhone offers like this, alleviates the problem with sales.

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