Mac App Review: Kindle for Mac

For Christmas last year, my brother bought me a couple books from the Amazon Kindle store. A couple weeks later, I got an internship at a local station in my hometown, which would allow me the time on my breaks to be able to read my new ebooks.

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Still, there were some days where I did not want to have to bring my iPad fifth generation to work. The reason for this is that it simply clogs my laptop bag too much. I carry my MacBook Pro and iPhone charger in there, as well as my Apple Watch charger, so there is not much room when it is all said and done and everything is packed. 

With that said, when I came across the Kindle for Mac app in the Mac App Store, it was something that I had to immediately download. 

After using the app for a couple of weeks, the first thing that I do like about it is that it has a Dark Mode to it. With the Mac getting bigger on Dark Mode, it’s good to see that Amazon is adequately updating its app to accommodate for that. 

I also like that in the settings, you can make it so that the pages make a flip animation whenever you turn them. It makes you feel like you are reading a real book. 

However, the one thing that I hated about the app is that the page number or page count was inaccurate for both books that I read. I could be on page 37 of my book and it would say I have 6,000+ pages to go. Obviously, that was inaccurate. The issue is consistent in the iPad and iPhone versions of the Kindle app too. 

The other thing that I do not like is that when you open the app and it has one of those open windows where it shows you the percentage of how close it is to opening the app. It’s incredibly similar to the way Final Cut Pro opens. 

Overall, the Kindle for Mac app gets 3/4 stars from me. The app does just what you need it to do; read ebooks. It does not get any simpler than that. I still prefer the iPad app more, but if you are in a pinch, the Kindle for Mac app is a good substitute. 

Rating: 3/4 stars

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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