Apple and Samsung may collaborate on a folding iPhone?

Apple recently announced to its shareholders that they are making a product that “blow you away.” Also, Apple published a patent describing how a folding iPhone will work, at the same time Samsung sent Apple and other companies samples of their folding display technology. It may be no coincidence, and we might have a folding iPhone as soon as next year.

At Mobile World Congress 2019, Samsung announced its “next-generation galaxy” device, the Galaxy Fold. This a dual screen folding smartphone with the larger screen folding inwards in half. Samsung already supplies OLED panels to Apple, along with LG, for the higher end iPhones, along with other companies. It is no doubt that Samsung makes some of the best panels, and they are looking to dominate in the folding display panel manufacturing market as well.

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Apple may as well collaborate with Samsung again, to produce a display or two even, for a possible folding iPhone as soon as 2020.

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A concept showing how a Galaxy Fold similar iPhone would look like is shown below, courtesy of Foldable News, made by Dutch industrial designer Roy Gilsing.

(Cover Image Source: Foldable News and Roy Gilsing)

Praveen Nagaraj
Author: Praveen Nagaraj

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