Just in time for March Madness this year, PlayStation has announced that they have launched multi-view from PlayStation Vue onto the Apple TV. 

The company states that it is one of their most popular features of the service on the PlayStation 4 and that they are glad that they can now bring it to the Apple TV. 

What this feature will allow users to do is, in the case of March Madness basketball games, be able to watch multiple games at once. This makes it so that the user can see as many games as possible and all on the big screen. 

Users will have the option to watch up to four games/four screens at once, giving them the best possible way to watch all of their favorite games, shows and movies all on one screen. This is only for the Apple TV and not for any other Apple products. 

Users can get a free five-day trial of the service, which would come in handy for the beginning of March Madness this week. To get a free trial of the service, click here

PlayStation Vue is available on the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Mac and Apple TV.