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Apple Announces Apple TV+ and the new Apple TV App

The new Apple TV App

During the March Event, Apple announced the new Apple TV App. 

The new Apple TV App now offers more movies, shows, and much more with many channels that it recieves content from. 

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The new Apple TV App is completely redesigned with a new dedicated section for Kids.

The new Apple TV App now also has Apple TV Channels. This is where one can explore movies, and even shows from Showbox!

The new Apple TV App also has a redesigned sports sections, and a easy/beautiful viewing experience for movie trailers.

Apple TV App will also now be available on Mac, along with Samsung, LG, Vizio, and Sony TV’s. Apple TV App will also be available on Amazon Fire Stick and Roku.

Apple TV+

Apple TV+ was just announced by Apple during the March Event, along with the new Apple TV App.

Apple TV+ will explore the “best stories ever told.”

Apple said that the main goal of  Apple TV+ was to “examing the art of storytelling and the mindset of storytellers.

It was also announced at the event that Apple TV+ will focus on serials and inspiring stories.

Apple teamed up with many celebrities with exclusive stories and projects that have never been seen before. Some of the projects announced are: “The Morning Show”, “Sea”, and “Little Voice.”

My personal favorite project that was announced is “Sea”, in collaboration with Jason Momoa from the movie “Aquaman”. It is a post-apocalyptic show that is set with a virus infected world where everyone is blind. The sense of sight, feel, hearing, all come into play with this show. 

The theme of the service is awe-inspiring, especially reinforced with Apple’s breathtaking videos.

There is even a show based on “Sesame Street” called “The Helpsters.” Apple has not left out any age group, by bringing in this show targetted for pre-schoolers. 

It even teaches basic coding knowledge to pre-schoolers and its main goal is to impart important life values.

Oprah and Apple TV+

Oprah has also partnered with Apple for Apple TV+. She says she will be able to use Apple TV+ to make a bigger impact, and connect with people around the world to create bigger change. 

Oprah has two documentaries planned for Apple TV+, one based on sexual harrassment and another based on mental health.

Oprah also talked about other possible projects, and how her collaboration with Apple will change lives and bring a positive impact to the world.

Apple TV+ Pricing and Availability

Apple TV+ will be an ad-free subscription service, that will be available in over 100+ countries coming this fall. 

The pricing of the service is yet to be announced.


The new Apple TV App is welcome with its new features and design changes. Also the fact that it is now available on MacOS and other Smart TV’s make it more accessible. 

Apple TV+ is the real deal. With its amazing projects focused on story telling, partnered with so many big names in TV and Cinema, Apple TV+ might be the new revolution in story telling. 

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