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Opinion: My Experience Using Apple Pay on eBay

Last month, I was able to make my first purchase on eBay with Apple Pay. I was also able to make this purchase using Apple Cash (previously called Apple Pay Cash).

Backing up a little bit, I had heard that eBay was getting Apple Pay, but that it would be fully rolled out until at least 2021. However, during the early parts of the year, I heard that some eBay transactions did have Apple Pay as a payment option when making a purchase through their iOS app.

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Since I did have some Apple Cash in my Wallet app, I thought that I would look into trying to make a purchase from eBay with it. The coolest part is that it actually worked, even with Apple Cash. With Apple Pay functionality being in somewhat early integration in eBay and their app, I was surprised that it would work.

So, what did I purchase?

PNG image 14.png

I purchased a book by the actor Tim Allen called “I’m Not Really Here.” So far I have read the first chapter and it looks to be a good book. What I did like about the purchase too was that the seller gave me free shipping on the item, so with the price of the book and tax, it still came out to be less than $5, which is great for someone like me who likes getting books for cheap.

When making the purchase, I did see the Apple Pay icon for payment methods that the seller accepted, and from there, it was like it was meant to be. I was able to make the payment, leaving my payment information, as well as location and other personal information, safe from the seller and others.

Overall, it was a successful purchase! I am happy with the item that I have received and do intend on using Apple Pay on eBay whenever I get the chance.

If you are someone who is looking to use Apple Pay on eBay, simply check out their app and see what there is that you can buy with Apple Pay in their app. It will not be on a lot of transactions, but it is out there.

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