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WhatsApp has released a new privacy oriented feature for users that do not wish to be added to unwanted WhatsApp groups.

In the WhatsApp app, if you navigate to Settings > Account > Privacy > Groups, you will be able to control who can add you to WhatsApp groups.

This feature is very helpful as until now, it was not possible to stop a person from adding you to a WhatsApp group unless you block that user.

WhatsApp New Privacy Feature.

With this feature enabled, those who cannot add you automatically will be able to send an invite to join a group, and you have 72 hours to accept.

An example is shown below, courtesy of GSM Arena. Though the screenshot is from Android, the feature will be available in iOS and all other platforms.

It is important to note that Facebook-owned WhatsApp blocks users that use third-party versions of the app, in iOS and Android. It is best to use the official version of WhatsApp and always have the latest security patches via updates.


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