An album made by Beyonce, Lemonade, that was released in April 2016 and had Tidal exclusivity to it, is finally making its way to Apple Music, according to 9to5Mac.

Consumers have had the opportunity to buy the album on iTunes for $17.99, which is currently the only way to get it into your Apple Music library and playlists legally.

On April 23, the album will be available on Apple Music, as well as other music streaming services like Spotify and Prime Music.

Variety exclusively revealed the details today about the album coming to the other music streaming providers, as well as her Lemonade film.

Variety can exclusively reveal that the audio of Beyoncé’s 65-minute “Lemonade” film will drop across all music streaming services on Tuesday, April 23. The drop marks the third anniversary of the film’s debut on HBO. It’s also the first time all of Bey’s catalog is available for streaming.

It would make sense for Beyonce to have the album on Tidal since her husband Jay-Z is the founder of the music streaming service. However, by adding this album to the other music streaming services, this will be the first time her entire music catalog will be on all music streaming platforms.

The film will be 65 minutes long and include appearances by The Weekend, Kendrick Lamar, Jack White and James Blake. The album and film will be available to stream on April 23, 2019.