Apple Pay NFC Stickers Announced

Apple has announced new Apple Pay NFC stickers that will allow people to pay for items with Apple Pay and not have to download an app to pay for things like parking meters and other items.

The company will be partnering with Bird Scooters, which will allow for users to simply put their iPhone or Apple Watch over one of the NFC stickers and the sticker will allow for the person to pay for a scooter or parking meter, according to 9to5Mac.

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This was all announced at the TRANSACT conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, which primarily focuses on mobile technologies and services such as NFC and Apple Pay.

Additionally, Apple will start allowing loyalty cards to be added to the Wallet app. When you make a purchase where the loyalty card is relevant to the transaction, it will come up on your screen in the Wallet app before/if you pay with Apple Pay.

The features are set to rollout later this year.

Photos are courtesy of tweets by @SteveMoser on Twitter:


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