EXCLUSIVE: Questionable Image Shows Dark Mode in iOS 13


A week from today, the WWDC 2019 keynote will be going on. However, thanks to an anonymous source, we now have insider information that could confirm that Dark Mode is coming to iOS 13.

The image is a screen that you would normally see on AirPods when syncing them to your iPhone or iPad. We can’t 100% confirm if this image is legit or not, but we will mark it as ‘Questionable’.


You would probably expect to see the AirPods case or the actual AirPods themselves on the AirPods menu, but due to the fact that this is a internal beta of iOS 13 and not a public beta, the GIFs and MP4s for the menu are not ready to go, as of right now.

Still, it would appear as though that Apple is coming through this year and is adding Dark Mode to iOS 13.

Are you excited for the possibility of Dark Mode coming to iOS 13 this year? Let us know in the comments!

UPDATE 05/27/19 2:00 PM CDT: – We have updated this report and marked is as ‘Questionable’. As we can’t 100% confirm the authenticity of this image. Our team is deeply investigating.

UPDATE 05/28/19 10:30 AM CDT – After our team did some investigating we will still mark this leak as ‘Questionable’. But we can now confirm that Dark Mode is coming to iOS 13. 


Feature image courtesy of iClarified