Where to Get a Burger with Apple Pay on National Burger Day


Today is National Burger Day, so it might be nice for you to know where you can get a burger on this day, but also from a place that accepts Apple Pay.

Here are just a select few of popular mainstream restaurants that do accept Apple Pay in their restaurants and/or app:

  • McDonald’s (delivers with UberEats and can also be ordered in person or pick-up in the McDonald’s iOS app, both apps accept Apple Pay)


  • Burger King (delivers with Bite Squad that does not accept Apple Pay)


  • Wendy’s (select locations)



  • Five Guys


  • In-N-Out Burger



  • Fuddruckers


  • White Castle


  • Hardee’s/Carl Jr’s 


  • Whataburger


Apple Pay can be accessed on your iPhone or Apple Watch and then be used to pay for your burger and order in their restaurant or app.

Feature image courtesy of the Wall Street Journal