GradImages Now Accepting Apple Pay

It is that time of the year where seniors across the country are graduating from college. Obviously, you will be taking some pictures too by your college, which you can now pay for with Apple Pay.

If you go to a college that uses GradImages as their supplier for purchasing your graduation photos, you will be able to pay for them now with Apple Pay.

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Appleosophy’s very own Rose Marie discovered this when ordering her graduation photos.

IMAGE 2019-05-29 10:04:30

If you notice under “Payment Options,” Apple Pay is the first one mentioned there. When doing this on the Mac, unless you have a MacBook Pro with TouchBar or the 2018 MacBook Air, you will have to verify the purchase on your iPhone to go forward with the payment. If ordering on your iPhone or iPad, you should be able to make the purchase directly from that device.

Let us know if you use GradImages for your graduation photos supplier and if you ordered yours this year with Apple Pay in the comments below!

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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