Opinion: Why It Still Makes Sense for Apple to Have a New iPod Touch in 2019

Apple released a new iPod Touch this week that can be maximized to 256GB of memory. It also comes in six colors and starts at $199.


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But this is the iPod Touch, the same product that ends up in the “other” category for Apple Earnings calls (although the company does say specific numbers for their products anymore) and a product that Apple seems to have forgotten over the years.

Now, I will say that the product is due for a refresh. The current look with it not even having Touch ID is something that makes you question that $200 price. For $250 on sale, you can get a 9.7-inch iPad with Touch ID on it.

However, it is not about that. For Apple, this is about marketing their products and services, and focusing on the next generation.

If you truly think about it, it probably does not cost much for Apple to make the iPod Touch, hence why they keep making newer versions of it. Again, this is all about marketing to younger generations.

With this device, young people can access the web, create and manage their first Facebook and Twitter account, write and manage emails, use Apple Music, subscribe to Netflix and Hulu, and then use the new Apple TV app to stream their content from it. They’ll be able to take pictures, post on Instagram and Snapchat. The list goes on and on.

Meanwhile, Android has nothing like this. Sure, there have been Android music players in the past, but nothing has ever really done well in terms of sales and that they are certainly not around today.

It is about making it so that every kid out there wants the iPod Touch, but that they will want to further their interest in Apple products, such as the iPhone, iPad or Mac. Again, this is something that Android does not have!

The iPod Touch just might (still) be Apple’s most genius product out there. Little cost to make and can get kids and people hooked onto iOS and the Apple ecosystem for years to come.

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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