BlackBerry Messenger Officially Shuts Down Today


If you are still someone out there using a BlackBerry, then you should at least now be aware of the fact that BlackBerry Messenger is shutting down its services for good today. The good news is that there is a substitute from the company for consumers to use.

BlackBerry currently has the BlackBerry Enterprise app in the iOS App Store that will allow for people to sign up for it, message their friends, family and colleagues through it, and has a similar interface to the original BBM one. The app is available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

The company did post a tweet this morning, reminding users of the impending shut down of the app.


According to StatCounter, BlackBerry OS currently has a 0.06 percent market share on the smartphone OS industry, as of April 2019.

However, the BlackBerry Key2, BlackBerry’s newest smartphone, was featured on FOX’s number one comedy Last Man Standing during its seventh season. Tim Allen, Nancy Travis and Amanda Fuller’s characters all found themselves using one this past season. The series overall has been known to be a show where older BlackBerry smartphones have made their way on there.


Tim Allen taking a selfie with the BlackBerry Key2 in a season seven episode of Last Man Standing.

BBM will not be offering any sort of refunds for BBMojis and all rewards credits must have been used by May 20. The service will be offering refunds for Stickers, though.

For now, today is the last day to use the service and get all of your necessary photos, videos and files. After that, the service will be officially shutting down sometime today.