Appleosophy Streaming Picks: January 2022

Appleosophy | Appleosophy Streaming Picks: January 2022
Streaming Picks

A new year means another reason to stream in said New Year.

We’ll keep it simple and let you know what our picks are for this month.


  • “Ozark” (Season 4, Part 1): It’s one of the most popular original shows from Netflix and the first part of its fourth season premieres on Netflix on Friday, January 21.


  • “How I Met Your Mother”: Trust us, there is a reason we are recommending this for this month. All nine seasons are currently available to stream on Hulu and Prime Video.


  • “How I Met Your Father”: And here is that reason! The new spin-off of the previously listed TV show will be available to stream on Wednesday, January 18, on Hulu and is a Hulu Original.


  • “This Is Us” (Season 6 premiere): It’s the beginning of the end for the TV series and the first episode of the new season will be available to stream on Hulu and Peacock on Wednesday, January 12.


  • “Silicon Valley”: If you’re looking to be inspired for your work or a personal mission, or are just looking to watch a great comedy with clever humor for tech people, this is the show to watch. All six seasons of the show can be streamed on HBO Max.



  • “Harry Potter” trilogy: We do recommend this one a lot, but there is a good reason for it this month. That reason will be in our next pick. In the meantime, you can stream all of the “Harry Potter” movies on HBO Max and Peacock.


  • “Harry Potter” 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts: And here is that next we just mentioned above. This is a reunion of the most prominent members of the “Harry Potter” cast, talking about their time and experience filming the movies. It is a Max Original, meaning that it is exclusively available to stream on HBO Max.


  • “Napoleon Dynamite”: Speaking of movies that came out during the time of “Harry Potter,” this might be a good, humorous one to look into. Also, fun fact, the movie was originally edited with Apple’s Final Cut Pro video editing software. It is currently available to stream on Prime Video.


  • “Betty White Goes Wild”: In light of recent news regarding the unexpected death of iconic U.S. actress Betty White, there will be a special by National Geographic released on Disney+ on Friday, January 14.



  • #3 Georgia vs. #1 Alabama (College Football): These two SEC foes will have another chance to go at it this year in college football’s National Championship. It will be played at 8 p.m. ET, Saturday, January 10, on ESPN.


  • Raiders vs. Colts (NFL): Both teams are fighting to get into the playoffs, but with Colts starting QB Carson Wentz potentially out for the game with COVID-19, and the Raiders with QB Derek Carr trying to sneak their way into the playoffs, this game could truly shake up the playoffs before they event start. The game starts at 1 p.m., Sunday, January 2, on CBS and Paramount+ (regional coverage only).


  • Saints vs. Falcons (NFL): Once again, both teams are fighting for a spot in the playoffs and should make for a good end of the regular-season matchup. The game will be played at 1 p.m. ET, Sunday, January 9, on FOX.


  • 2022 NFL playoffs: In just a few weeks, the NFL playoffs will be starting up again. They begin on Saturday, January 15, and will be broadcast on CBS, FOX, NBC, ABC and ESPN, with Paramount+, Peacock and Yahoo Sports streaming the games live too.


  • Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Philadelphia Flyers (NHL): What makes this game important is the streaming aspect, which is that the game will be available to stream on both ESPN+ and Hulu. It will air at 7 p.m. ET, Thursday, January 6.
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