Detailed Changes in iOS 13

With iOS 13, we get most of our requested features and there are so many small enhancements to the UI. Developers can download Beta 1 on their devices now, and Public Beta Testers will get their first iOS 13 Beta in July and iOS 13 will be released for everyone this fall.

There are a number of minor and Major improvements to the UI, which are :

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1. Wifi and Bluetooth selection in Control Centre: When you long press or 3D-Touch on the WiFi or Bluetooth icon in the Control Centre, the WiFi or Bluetooth list appears and you can select what devices to connect right from the menu.


Source: iupdate

2. Dark Mode: Dark Mode, The Most Wanted Feature is here, Dark Mode. It can be customized in the Display settings and you will be able to set the Dark Mode feature to turn on Automatically. Dark Mode can be turned on in the control center if you 3D Touch or Long Press the Brightness Toggle. All of Apple’s Apps have it and 3rd Party Apps will get Dark Mode implementation as Developers support it in their Apps.

Source: iPhone

3. Find My: As rumored, Find my iPhone and Find my Friends has been combined into one app called “Find My” . There is a new feature called “Bluetooth beacon” which will share data to the Find My App even if the iPhone is offline. It has two tabs – “ Friends” and “Devices”

Source: iupdate

4. Subtle changes in the Reminders icon: The colors in the Reminders icon have been tweaked a little bit. The Reminders App gets an entire overhaul. You can basically write anywhere and iPhone or iPad will automatically detect on which category, its to be sent to. It will also show you reminders in the Messages App if you had kept a reminder to message a person. You can also change the reminder list color. Apple says- “Now it’s even easier to create and organize reminders. Smart lists make it easy to display and track your upcoming reminders. The quick toolbar lets you add dates, times, locations, flags, photos, and more. And Siri suggests reminders you might want to add.”

Source: EverythingApplePro and iPhone

5. New Contact Relationship Labels: You can now add new relationship status for your contacts. The Contacts icon now has one person instead of two.

6. Animojis and Memojis: There are new Animojis – Rat, Octopus, and Cow. Memojis are now even more customizable with new options for headwear, makeup, hairstyles and piercings, earrings and also, AirPods. You now have Memoji Stickers. Memoji stickers are premade and automated and is available to all devices that run iOS 13.



Source: iPhone

7. Portrait Lighting: There will be a new High-Key Mono effect to Portrait Lighting. You will now be able to change the intensity of light just like you do by moving lights in a real studio. These features are not available in Beta 1 but will be available soon.

Source: Apple

8. Photos search now more accurate: Photo search has now become more accurate, specific which means it is much smarter. Search for your best moments with iOS 13.

9. Video editing in Photos: For the first time with iOS 13, you can add effects like vivid, etc. You can rotate a video, crop a video and do much more with iOS 13.

10. Text editing: You can select text by tapping and holding followed with dragging. No more double tapping. Its so much easier. You can now also Triple Tap to undo which is very useful instead of shaking your iPhone.

11. QuickType: You can now swipe on the keyboard to enter a word which has been there in third-party keyboards like SwiftKet and GBoard. Good to see it in Apple’s default keyboard.

12. Separate Emoji and Globe icons in the Keyboard: All of us had this problem at least once, that you want to go to the emoji page but instead you go to a different set keyboard language. Now its fixed with iOS 13, you have a separate, dedicated emoji icon in the keyboard.

13. Mail: You can now block senders in the mail and also mute a specific thread.

14. Volume HUD and Mute Switch UI: There’s a new volume HUD which looks like the control center volume toggle, and If you keep on pressing the volume keys, it will get slimmer and thinner. Of course , you can also interact with it by touching it and changing the volume. It won’t come in the middle of the content anymore. When you toggle the mute switch, an Apple pencil like notification will come from the top and notify you that the iPhone is at Mute Mode.

Source: iPhone and iupdate

15. Notes: There are new checklists in Notes and now you can set a note to view only mode so that the person you share the note to, won’t be able to edit your content. For the first Time, Folder Management is here in Notes.

16. Large Cellular Downloads : Recently with iOS 12, Apple updated the Cellular Download limit from the App Store from 150MB to 200MB but some users have unlimited data plans so now with iOS 13, you will get a new pop up which will ask you if you want to download the large App (>200MB) through cellular or download it later with WiFi. So iOS users, start taking more advantage of your unlimited data plan.

Source: Apple

17. Optimized battery charging: In iOS 13, if we go to Battery Health we see a new option for Optimized battery charging which will slow down battery degradation and the battery will have a longer life. You have an option to turn it off but its recommended to keep it turned on.

Source: iPhone , Immanuel Varghese Koshy

18. Font Management: After Apple starts collaborating with its partners, Fonts will be available for download right from the App Store.

19. Low Data Plan: In case you have less data remaining in your cellular connection, you can turn on Low Data Mode in Cellular Settings. Settings>Cellular> Cellular Data Options> Low Data Mode

20. Airpods: a) Announce Messages with Siri on Airpods: Siri can now announce messages in Airpods and you can quickly respond to the message by saying. It also works with Third-Party Apps

b) Audio Sharing: You can now stream the Audio from one iPhone to two different pair of Airpods with Airplay 2 or you can tap your iPhone on your friend’s iPhone for sharing the audio to your friend’s Airpods.

  1. Natural Siri: The new Siri voice uses advanced neural text‑to‑speech technology to sound which sounds much more natural than before. It has a Full AI voice. Rather than the Siri voice which was generated by a Human, it is now generated completely through AI.
  2. Maps: a) You can add Location collections in Maps.
  3. b) You will now be able to view select cities in 3D and in 360 degrees and move seamlessly down the streets. This feature will be added to iOS gradually as Apple collects street information.’

Source: Apple

  1. Xbox / PS4 support: You can now use these game controllers on iPhone
  2. Hearing Health: In the Health App, there is a new Hearing Health option which will show you on which noises are Ok and loud. It will also tell you if you have experienced a loud environment which may damage hearing over time
  3. Performance: Apps may launch up to 2x faster and App download sizes will reduce for 50% and App update sizes will reduce to 60%. Face ID is now 30% faster with iOS 13 and iPadOS.
  4. Privacy: Of course, With All these features, your privacy won’t be hampered and everything will be done On-device with Machine Learning. No Private Data can be seen even by Apple. One Privacy feature added is Sign in with Apple. Most of the Apps that require a login to access it shows “ Login with email” or “ Login with Google” or “Login with Facebook”. Now there will be another option called “ Sign in with Apple” which does not share any data unless you allow. You can control if they can see your email, or not. If you choose to hide your email from them, Apple creates a unique random email id for you, which is App specific, in which if any email is received in that, will be forwarded to your address and if those emails are bothering you, you can dispose off that random email id and get a new one.

Source: Apple

  1. Sharing your Photo and Name in iMessage: If you are sending a text to someone, who doesn’t know you by that number, they will be able to see your Profile Photo. But people who send a text to you won’t be able to see your profile until you approve of it.
  2. ArKit 3: This is the next generation of ARKit. Apple says “AR apps can now place virtual objects naturally in front of or behind people and use human movement and poses for new and more immersive experiences.” We saw how good ARKit 3 is at a popular game demoed at WWDC 2019 called Minecraft.
  3. Voice Control: The devices that run iOS 13, can be controlled entirely through your voice. Here’s the link to Apple’s Voice Control Video:
  4. Accessibility Settings: Accessibility settings has been shifted from the General option to the main screen.
  5. Rounded options in certain Apps: We see rounded icons in the Music App play tab and also in the new Pencil editing tool. Its spread across the entire OS.
  6. Downloads Manager for Safari and Files:- As per our request, Apple has finally added a Downloads manager for Safari in synchronization with the Files App.

Source: iPhone

33. New Battery indicator: There is a new battery charging indicator for Home button devices and it looks just like the one in the bezelless iPhones.

— iOS 12

— iOS 13

  1. Sharing your Photo and Name in iMessage: If you are sending a text to someone, who doesn’t know you by that number, they will be able to see your Profile Photo. But people who send a text to you won’t be able to see your profile until you approve of it.
  2. Photos App refresh: New icons for tabs in the Photos App are present in iOS 13. An iPhone running iOS will be able to view photos more effectively using Machine Learning. Out of many shots, it can select at best shot for you in the Days View. There are options for Year, Month, Days and All Photos. For example: If its someone’s birthday, In the Years View, it will show that person’s memories each of each year which will bring memories. Editing tools are also redesigned and now you can flip a video or put some cool effects in it right in the Photos App.

Source: Apple

36. HomeKit: Support for Security Cameras and privacy. Most of the security cameras upload the footage to their cloud and it hampers privacy. But now with HomeKit and iCloud, Footage will be stored securely with iCloud taking no more extra space. HomeKit Support is also coming to Routers which secure it from internet attacks as all smart devices in the house are connected to routers.

37. Refreshed UI in Carplay and support for Hey Siri.

38. Music Lyrics in sync with the song: Music Lyrics will now show and synchronize with the song in the Music App. The lyrics being sung at that time will be bold.

39. Refresh to Safari Homepage

Support List – iOS 13

  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone Xs
  • iPhone Xs Max
  • iPhone Xr
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