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Exactly 2 weeks: Apple seeds second Betas of iOS 13 and iPadOS 13

Well, that was Quick. Apple released iOS 13 Developer Beta 2 and iPadOS 13 Developer Beta 2 in exactly two weeks after the First Beta. The build number for this Beta is 17A5508m.In the initial Beta Stages of major iOS versions, Apple releases a Beta every two weeks and when it is nearing it’s final release, Apple releases updates every week. It seems and feels like we just had WWDC 2019 a few days back experiencing a bunch of new softwares.

We’re going to see something go and something comeback with Beta 2.

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iOS 13 Beta 1 had a bug in which in place of 3D Touch , Haptic Touch was being used on all the devices supported iOS 13. 3D Touch is coming back in Beta 2, as claimed by Criag Federighi in his email reply to Don.

Source: Don on Twitter

We are also going to see something go from Beta 2, And it’s very sad for developers. In Beta 1, there was a feature/bug in SwiftUI, in which App developers can make their Apps transparent to the Homescreen or wallpaper of the iPhone. These are the codes found by Tim Oliver on Twitter:

Source: Tim Oliver on Twitter.

Regarding the same, an iOS user named Adrian Labbé, emailed to Criag Federighi, to which he replied that it was a Bug.

Source: Adrian Labbé on Twitter

  • Information Courtesy: The information I got regarding the App Developers being able to make their apps transparent , is from All I Talk is Tech’s YouTube Channel.

As we discover and find out about the new features and changes in Beta 2, we will have an article ready for all of you readers as soon as possible.

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