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CARROT Weather App Losing The Weather Channel as a Data Source

The popular premium weather app announced today that users will no longer be able to use The Weather Channel as a data source when using the app.

The Weather Channel has decided to no longer allow for competing apps such as CARROT to use them as a data source when getting weather information.

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In a statement by the app developers and company:

“A bit of unfortunate news: The Weather Channel has unexpectedly terminated our contract, effective July 1st, because they have decided that they will no longer be selling weather data to competing weather apps. This really sucks and needless to say I am not happy, but unfortunately the decision is out of my hands. I’ve been working very hard to add the awesome new data sources and weather stations that you’ve been beta testing for the past week – I expect that they should fill any gaps following this change, and I’ve got lots of other exciting improvements along these lines coming soon as well. Thank you for your patience and support.”

In the meantime, CARROT Weather does have alternative data sources such as Dark Sky, AccuWeather and Aeris Weather.

David Becker

Author: David Becker

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