You have probably heard of this bug in iOS 13, which changes the folder shape to a completely squared one.

In this article, I am going to guide you through the steps on how to enable this bug. For this to work you should be running iOS 13 Developer Beta 2 or Public Beta 1. This method may or may not work depending on the device you are using. This method was discovered by All I Talk Tech.

If you want to get Squared icons on your iPhone Home screen, follow these three simple steps carefully:-

1. Go to Settings>Accessibility>Display and Text Size and Make sure Reduce Transparency and increase contrast are turned off.

After this, turn Reduce Transparency and Increase Contrast on. You will notice that one random folder has become a square in shape.

2. To square all the folders set a new wallpaper from the settings app and while the wallpaper is setting, constantly swipe up from the bottom of constantly press the home button.

3. After this restart your iPhones and voila, now all your folders are Squared.

For a full tutorial by All I talk is Tech, check out his YouTube Video:-