After so much effort and security measures by Apple to stop these leaks, it is still out somehow. The iPhone 11 logic board has not from just one but two sources. The sources are: federicocerva on Instagram who got the leak from a Chinese source and Wyman Lau on Facebook.

Here are the images:


Currently on the latest iPhones which are the Xs and the Xs Max, The logic boards are L-shaped but with the iPhone 11, it’s going back to the rectangular design. It has been rumored for a while that the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Max will have a triple camera lens setup and the 11R will be having a Dual camera setup. All these indicate major internal placement changes and internal design changes. A similar thing happened earlier, when Ben Geskin leaked the iPhone X logic board in August but July has just started and we already have these leaked images. It’s both a good and a bad thing. It’s good because we are getting to know about the phones before it’s launch date and it’s bad and sad because after so many security measures that Apple has taken, there are still leaks of the iPhone 11. Apple takes these leaks very seriously and they may penalize the person who is leaking internal materials.