In a new report, Digitimes is claiming that Apple will remove 3D Touch from every model of the 2019 iPhones. The company is also switching to a new supply manufacturer.

From last year, we’ve been hearing reports that 3D Touch, first introduced with iPhone 6s, will be dropped from future iPhones, including this year’s iPhone 11, 11 Max and 11R. It is now appearing more likely that Apple will remove the force-touch engine and hardware that allows 3D Touch to work, and replace it with Haptic Touch, from the 2018 iPhone XR.

During iOS 12, Haptic Touch appeared quite basic and limited in functionality, but iOS 13 Beta brings back many major 3D Touch features to the XR, including force-touch on the home screen. All iPhone 11 models will follow suit and function as normal albeit with the lack of a 3D Touch engine.


In addition to this, Digitimes claims that Apple is attempting to change OLED display providers, and is considering BOE in the supply chain. TPK and GIS will also begin producing the touch modules of the new iPhones. They’ll be cheaper and easier to produce, saving Apple some money here.

Samsung has previously been the supplier of iPhone screens, and it looks like Apple will begin moving between multiple manufacturers to ensure that they are not met with big production line issues and therefore delays on releases.

Apple will announce the 2019 iPhone lineup in September, with pre-orders beginning just after this, and releases starting in October.