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2019 MacBook Pro: Major internal changes

Today, iFixit has shared a tear down of the new MacBook Pro 13-inch, that Apple upgraded heavily during the week.

Firstly, we notice a little larger battery, that would likely power the Touch Bar too, and a soldered-down SSD, which makes it very hard to upgrade and replace.

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Apple has also decreased the size of the heat pipe, to fit in the Touch Bar, but it still has the same maximum capacity heat output as before. We believe that the fans are smaller too.

Other changes include a reduced speaker size, and use the third-generation Butterfly keyboard (as we already knew). Although all components are modular, it’s getting harder to upgrade and repair your MacBook Pro without a Genius to support you.

Performance wise, the 2019 13-inch is significantly faster than the previous model, with faster FCP export times and GeekBench scores. It’s certainly something to look into at the $1,299 price tag.

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