UPDATE: Nope! — Apple Store goes down amid new iPad release

UPDATE: We can confirm that the Store is back online with no new products. Likely a bug update or behind-the-scenes fix.

Original article below

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The online Apple Store has gone down, leaving users unable to purchase any accessory or device available on Apple’s website.

You’re instead met right the classic “Be Right Back” message that indicates a possible product launch, as Apple could be adding new products to purchase. They could also be lowering prices of existing products.

Last week, the Apple Store went down ahead of the MacBook Pro/Air updates. Although these were minor, Apple clearly had work to do.

Additionally, the company registered five new iPad models recently, indicating that today could see the release of the iPad 7th generation, still at a low cost.

Alternatively Apple is doing some routine maintenance work on the store. It will be back up soon.

Ben Ward
Author: Ben Ward

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