New Updated Web Design Rolled Out by Twitter

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Appleosophy | New Updated Web Design Rolled Out by Twitter
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Earlier in the day, Twitter announced a new experience for on desktop, including new features and design changes to modernize the already popular website.

This new design looks cleaner and more refined, making it more modern and ready for the future. It now has support for the bookmark feature where you can save tweets for later, and a new and more accesible Explore tab, so you can know what is trending at the moment.

Another highly requested feature makes its way into the desktop version, dark mode and dim mode. These have been added to give you a more personalized experience, so you can make your navigation easier on the desktop version.

This version is being rolled out to certain users at the moment, but all of the users will be able to experience this new redesigned page later in the year.

It seems that these changes have been made to make the desktop experience more like the one in mobile, so it is a better and more united experience along all of the versions of Twitter.

What do you think about this new and revamped version of Twitter? Are you excited for its enrollment? Let us know about it down below in the comments.


Emilio Morales
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