Apple pushes the seventh update for iOS 12.4 developer beta

Apple is releasing the seventh developer beta version of the upcoming software update today, one week since beta 6 reached developers. We’ve also heard from multiple anonymous sources that Apple Card would launch this week, but it’s unclear if that will happen based on the beta release.

There were no new features discovered in the first six iOS 12.4 betas, so it’s not entirely clear what’s coming in the update. The seventh iOS 12.4 build is number 16G5077a, replacing sixth build 16G5069a.

As all the previous updates to iOS 12.4, this update is also looked as one step towards the compatibility of Apple Card.

The launch of Apple Card is supposed to happen in the month of July or August, but nothing is confirmed by the company.

Sriyansa Mohanty
Author: Sriyansa Mohanty

From India. A student who loves blogging about technology.

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