Beware iOS 13 Beta Testers! There is a security flaw within iOS 13 Developer Beta 3/ Public Beta 2. Most of You use Autofill passwords. If you have saved usernames and passwords in Safari, you know that you can view those once you enter your Passcode. Safe enough right? But in Developer Beta 3/ Public Beta 2, there’s a bug through which you can access those without a Passcode.

The normal steps are:

1. Go to Settings>Passwords & Accounts > Websites & App Passwords.

2. You would be greeted with a Face ID/ Touch ID /a Passcode authentication system.

If you have Touch ID/Face ID setup, tap on Websites&App Passwords repeatedly and ignore the Face ID/Touch ID Authentication Popup. After repeated taps, it will let you in the Usernames and Passwords saved for autofill.

If you don’t have biometrics setup and you use a passcode, tap on Websites & App Passwords, a passcode menu will appear, tap on cancel, and repeat this until you are finally into the saved usernames and Passwords page.

This major security flaw will allow anyone to change the password, see the password to share the password. This also works on the iPads running iPadOS Developer Beta 3/ Public Beta 2.

But don’t worry as of yet, someone can access those passwords only if your device is unlocked. When your iPhone is on the Lock screen, and it’s not unlocked, no one can get into your iPhone and see your passwords. Apple is trying to fix this bug and hopefully, it will get resolved in the Next Beta. You are safe if you are using iOS 12 now, and it is advised not to make final opinions about iOS 13 as it is a beta.

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