Casey’s General Store Gas Pumps Slowly Getting NFC Sensors

Casey’s General Store is one of the most popular gas stations and convenience stores in the midwest. In fact, there are over 2,000 locations in the midwest (the red shaded states are the states that have them in the photo below).


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With that said, with other gas station and convenience store competitors like Phillips 66 and Mills Fleet Farm slowly adding support for NFC payment methods at the pump, so is Casey’s.

At a recently remodeled location in Sioux City, Iowa, their new pumps now have NFC sensors on them. However, at this time right now, using a payment method like Apple Pay or any other contactless method is not functional.


It has not been said when Casey’s will begin allowing consumers to use contactless as a form of payment, but it is nice to see that the company is adding it to their gas pumps with what will likely be a day where Apple Pay is accepted at the pump without having to go inside their stores.

If you do come across a location that does not have the NFC sensors at the pumps, the good news is that Casey’s does accept Apple Pay in their stores and you can either pre-pay inside or go inside to pay after you have filled-up your vehicle.

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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a. palmer jr.
a. palmer jr.
2 years ago

Our new method of pumping gas at Casey’s is confusing, even to the people working in the stores. I asked for help last week and they sent me to another pump which did the same thing. I eventually went across the street to a different station…