Apple has had their new Apple Card out for almost a month. This is essentially Apple’s take on how credit cards should be and focuses on it being always available digitally on the iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch just like Apple Pay is.

Apple Card does have perks to it such as allowing users to get one percent cashback when using the physical Apple Card, two percent back when using Apple Card from the iPhone or Apple Watch at places that accept Apple Pay and three percent cashback when using Apple Card at the Apple Store or through Apple’s website.

There are select businesses such as Uber and UberEats that enable users to get three percent cashback just from using the Apple Card with their service.

With that said, as of today, Walgreens is now allowing for customers to get three percent cashback when making purchases with Apple Card. Like always with Apple Card, when making a purchase through Walgreens, you will get three percent cashback on anything you purchase in the store with Apple Card, which will be on your Apple Cash card in the Wallet app the following day.

This will work at Walgreens stores, Walgreens’s website, the Walgreens mobile app and also at Duane Reade retail stores. Duane Reade is owned by Walgreens, which is why it will work in their stores.