Back in WWDC 2019, the world went wild when Craig Fhedarigi took the stage to announce one of the most anticipated features ever for the mobile version of their operative system, Dark Mode. It changed the appearance of different built-in apps, but it also introduced different dynamic wallpapers and a whole new way to experience your iOS device. Even though it just seems as another cosmetic upgrade to an already beautiful OS it is so much more than what most people think, and it can usher a whole new wave of customization options to iOS while keeping that beautiful user interface and ease of use that is so characteristic of iOS.

First of all, as I have already mentioned, the fact that you can change the appearance of many system apps leads to a whole other level of customization. This feature could make every device feel more individual to each user, which is great. This can make your device look just the way you want and it even has some benefits, like saving battery life due to the fact that your screen is not working as hard as it used to do.

Now that Apple has expressed some interest in letting users customize certain aspects of their apps, perhaps they could try to implement new features so users can change the color of the background or even the layout of certain apps. Even though this would be against all the ease of use that Apple Software Engineers have built around the platform, but it can also bring a new audience to the OS from people that are reluctant to make the jump from Android to iOS because of the lack of customization.

Whatever way Apple chooses to go with the customization and different “modes”, I am sure they will make what’s best for their users and that goes along their unique version of the future of software. Alas, everything that happens will definitely make some users mad, but we can only hope that most Apple fans get to enjoy these new features.

What is your opinion on the possible future of iOS? Do you agree with the points made in this article? Tell me your opinion down below.