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Opinion: My Experience Using Apple Pay on my MacBook Pro

I have been using Apple Pay since I got my iPhone 6 back in 2016. That same year, I was lucky enough to get an Apple Watch Series 1 for Christmas that enabled me to use it on there. Just last year, I purchased an iPad fifth generation last spring, which again, allowed me to use Apple Pay on an iPad.

However, it was not until yesterday that I was able to use Apple Pay on my new MacBook Pro for the first time ever.

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I purchased a new MacBook Pro without TouchBar this past spring after I graduated from college. Using Apple Pay on the Mac was the last device that I needed to use it on before I could say that I had used it on all types of Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, etc).


Yesterday, I decided to purchase a new coffee mug from Etsy. It was a mug from my favorite TV show, Last Man Standing.

Luckily for me, I had some Apple Cash to burn through and with the fall coming in about a month, meaning cooler weather for apple cider and hot chocolate, it seems like it would be a good time to do so.

When making my purchase, once I hit the Apple Pay button in the checkout, it asked to confirm the purchase on my Apple Watch. This was sort of weird since my Apple Watch did not immediately prompt me or buzz to show that I was trying to make an Apple Pay purchase from my MacBook Pro. The MacBook Pro said that my Apple Watch would prompt me, so there was definitely a little bit of a communication error.

Still, I did go into the Wallet app on my Apple Watch where I was able to make the purchase with my Apple Cash. At the end of the day, it worked.

My purchase is set to come within the next week or two, so that will be nice when it comes.

Overall, I will say that although it was not as easy as it could be, I do like that I have the option to make Apple Pay purchases from my MacBook Pro. I do wish that the MacBook Pro without a TouchBar at least had Touch ID like the 2018 MacBook Air does, but I guess at least having the Apple Pay functionality on my MacBook Pro is something that I am thankful for.

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