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Appleosophy | Last Minute Apps Every College Student Should Have
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We did a series of apps you as a college student, whether you’re a freshman or senior, should have on your MacBook to help you get through this semester or year of schooling.

For this list, since the fall college semester has begun in most places around the United States, we’re going to stick with our top five apps that we think that you should have the most.

This will in no means be a “worst-to-best” or “best-to-worst” set of apps. We just want you to know which apps you should have right now.

  • Pastebot ($12.99): This is a fantastic app that basically makes it so that as long as you have it open, you can have all of the words, sentences and items that you have “Command + C’ed” and make it so that they are all saved into one app. It saved my butt sometimes while I was in college, so I can tell you for a fact that it is worth that $12.99 price. If it helps too, it just got Dark Mode functionality a few days ago, so if you’re into that, Pastebot will have that for you now.


  • Deliveries ($4.99): You’re probably in the process of ordering textbooks and packages from Amazon right now, so while you’re at it, put this in your checkout cart in the Mac App Store. It will be able to track your packages and give you alerts from the Mac’s Notification Center and immediately alert when there is movement of your package and when it is out for delivery. You can read our review of it here too. There is an iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch version of the app too that is separate of the Mac version. It costs $4.99 in the App Store too.


  • Evernote (Free): This should be a no-brainer for a lot of you. Evernote is a great note-taking app that can be used on the Mac, iPad and iPhone. I’d highly recommend it because of its easy-to-use interface and the fact that it’s going to be way more efficient than writing notes in a notebook.


  • Grammarly (Free): You can now get Grammarly as a Safari extension in the Mac App Store, as well as the app you can download directly from Grammarly. This will make it so that your papers and writing overall can look clean and professional. If you’re going to be writing a lot of papers, this is an essential tool for students and everyone now. Here is our review of it too.


  • Tweetbot ($9.99): Ok, so we all know that a lot of you are going to be checking your iPhones or iPads in class to check Twitter. Well, why not view it from your Mac directly from an app that is actually better than the Twitter website and TweetDeck, in my opinion. Tweetbot for Mac will be able to do just that and have a clean look, as well as a chronological timeline too.

We hope that these apps make your life a little less hectic while you are at college, and allow you to gain a little sanity in the crazy and chaotic life that is the college life in 2019.

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