In 2016, Apple released an iPhone called the iPhone SE that basically had the specs of the iPhone 6S but in the body of an iPhone 5S-sized iPhone, making the iPhone SE.

The iPhone SE has not received too much attention from Apple since it was released, but it looks like it may be receiving an upgrade in 2020.

We have a report from Nikkei that says that Apple could be planning on relaunching the iPhone SE. This new iPhone SE would have a 4.7-inch screen, which is the same screen size as the iPhone 8.

It is unknown whether or not Apple would have it still carry the Touch ID that the original iPhone SE had, or if the company would have the iPhone transition to its newer iPhones that have Face ID on them.

The specs of the new iPhone SE would see it have an A13 processor and an LCD screen, which would allow Apple to keep the price lower. With that said, Nikkei did not mention a price that Apple would put it at, but since this iPhone is considered to be a low-budget and entry-level smartphone, we would think Apple would keep the cost of it considerably lower.

Apple is expected to unveil and release a new iPhone SE sometime in early-2020, which could hint at a March 2020 event. Of course, this is still all speculation, but this is something we think that some consumers would be interested in now.