Today, Apple launched their newest Apple Music project, which is going to be Apple Music for the web. This means that users will be able to access their Apple Music account, songs and playlists directly from the web.

It is unknown why Apple would be starting this now, but could be because of the fact that the company is planning on getting rid of iTunes once iOS 13, iPadOS and macOS Catalina are released sometime this month, therefore, they might want to have something for those who do not have a Mac that can receive the macOS Catalina update and upgrade.

The web version of Apple Music does make it so that users would be able to have more accessibility to it. We have seen Apple do this more in the last year by being able to access Apple Music on devices like the Amazon Fire TV and Echo devices.

Essentially, it could make it available on every device possible, whether you are using a Mac, Windows, Linux or ChromeOS computer.

It could also be done so that they can compete with Spotify, who has had a web version of their website and music player around for several years now.

To get access to the new Apple Music for web beta, click here.