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Apple Watch Series 5 with always on display announced by Apple

Apple just announced the new Apple Watch Series 5 with a new always on display. This display uses advanced technology, along with dynamic refresh rates that allow the same all-day, 18-hour battery life. The watch is also made out of 100% recycled aluminum

Old feature, but well welcomed

This feature is available on other smart watches, but Apple uses a new LTPO technology 

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The new technologies integrated into the Apple Watch Series 5 allows it to have a dynamic refresh rate display. Apple says that the refresh rate can change from 1Hz to 60Hz. This technology is similar to the one integrated into the iPad Pro which allows it to change its refresh rate as well.

Built-in compass also available

The new compass feature can be used in the Maps app and in a new separate Compass App. 

Developers can also access the compass via an API which allows them to use them in a various array of apps.

Emergency SOS available in all countries now

Apple also announced another important feature of the Apple Watch Series 5, which is now available in over 150 countries, without the need of an iPhone. You will require a cellular version of the watch for this to be available.

New titanium and ceramic finishes available

There will also be two new, different finishes of titanium brushed metal. Ceramic finish is also available once again on the Apple Watch Series 5.

Apple Watch Series 5 Hermés in new black finish.

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