Last week, Apple announced the new 10.2-inch iPad seventh generation, which has a bigger screen and improved specs, compared to the previous generation.

With that said, is it out of line for you to get a previous-generation iPad?


To be honest, I still think that it should be on the table when trying to make this decision. It’s still a device that can be used for many different types of people.

The iPad sixth generation still has the A10 processor. Besides the power and functionality that the processor has, it’s going to be getting software support for the next few years, meaning that you should be able to get new versions of iOS to it for years to come.

Additionally, this is currently the last of the 9.7-inch iPad line. It’s a line that has been around at Apple since the iPad launched in 2010.

Get the iPad sixth generation while you can because the price is right, starting at only $249.99 with 32GB of storage. You can currently get it through Target or Walmart either in their stores or online.

Note that Target does accept Apple Pay in their stores and in their app, while Walmart does not.

Meanwhile, the 10.2-inch iPad seventh generation is being released on September 30, 2019, and start at $329.99, which can be pre-ordered through Apple and other retailers. You can also get education pricing through Apple and end up getting this iPad for $300.